A Glimpse at the Lords of Havoc Series

Mayhem and the Marquess is the first in the Lords of Havoc Series, which is scheduled to have four books at this point. The Series follows a group of men tied together through blood, friendship, and a penchant for getting into dangerous situations. As you’ll discover, the women they fall in love with are just as likely to be found where they shouldn’t be, whether it’s a dark alleyway in the rookeries of London or the arms of the men they can’t resist.

Besides the relational ties the characters have to each other, the series lives up to its name in that every book has an exciting mystery with a love story wrapped around it. In Mayhem and the Marquess, Asher and Ivy struggle to best the dark desires of psychopathy, from forces both without and within themselves.

In Book Two, Espionage and the Earl (not yet released), one of the villains of the first book gets a chance at redemption in a romping spy game involving international warmongering and forbidden love with the enemy.

I won’t give anything away, but subsequent books in the series might or might not involve pirates and plots to wipe out civilization as they know it.

What’s I love about writing this series is how these characters interact with the situations in which they find themselves. There are no fits or fainting from the ladies and no wimpy wavering from the men. Everyone has such a fun personality that I thoroughly enjoy spending time with and watching as they face these deadly foes that would cause the average person to pee their pants. They just have such feisty reactions instead of rolling over and giving up, and I love that about them. Are the the same? Definitely not. But all the heroes and heroines in the Lords of Havoc Series make danger as fun as it is nail-biting, so I hope readers enjoy their pluck as much as I do.

I can’t wait for people to see Max and Elorie’s epic story next, so keep checking back for updates in the Lords of Havoc Series!

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