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Get swept up in the Lords of Havoc Series. Featuring daring Lords and feisty Ladies, all of the stories are an adventure you won’t forget.

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Mayhem and the Marquess (Book #1)

Notorious rake Asher Blackbourne isn’t the indulgent Lord everyone thinks he is. His tenuous control hangs by a thread, but when Ivy bursts into his life, control has nothing to do with the fire she ignites in his blood.

Ivy Wollard’s welcome in society has long been revoked as the daughter of an infamous criminal. So when a risky proposition from the mysterious Marquess of Blackbourne might change her grim future, she finds herself unable to resist his plan or the enigmatic man himself.

Yet as Ash’s scheme creates a forbidden passion, Ivy’s deadly secrets threaten to destroy them as her past becomes a very real and present nightmare from which neither can escape…

Espionage and the Earl (Book #2)

Maxwell Berisford, Earl of Eydris, is not the villain everyone thinks he is. He does lie, steal, and kill to get what he wants, but it has always been in service to the Crown. The only person who knows of his involvement in matters of state is his rival, the French operative Elorie Lavoie. For years, she has been a thorn in Max’s side, taking pleasure in thwarting his missions at every opportunity. She also happens to be the one woman he’d give anything to have, but is forever off-limits to him.

Elorie Lavoie has made a name for herself in the business of international espionage to escape the life everyone expects of her. Yet when Max pushes their rivalry into dangerous areas with a melting kiss, her hunt for the famous artifact they both seek becomes an exploration of her enemy instead. The roguish English Earl might become the adventure she’s always craved, yet the secrets between them could bring nations to their knees. Resisting treason has never been such a deliciously failed endeavor…

Vengeance and the Viscount (Book #3)


Grant Hayworth, the Viscount Bastion, has been dead for three years. So it’s quite a shock to the woman who has loved him since childhood when he shows up at a family gathering, as healthy as ever.

But Raquel knows immediately that the man who has come back from the dead is not the same man she used to know. Her beloved Grant is now arrogant, rude, and only interested in revenge. What happened to him during the three years he was gone is a mystery, but Grant is more than willing to tell Raquel what he wants from her now: Only one night to slake his curiosity with her…

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Not only does Hollows have you feeling like you’ve stepped into the 19th century, she makes you want to stay there…” 

  • Tonya B.

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